Upgrades for an Environmentally Friendly House

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At Sunnylea Homes, we believe it’s not easy being green, but it is certainly worth the effort, chiefly when it comes to home. Remodelling your home with sustainable features is in-expensive and environmentally conscious—but at the same time, it can increase your home’s value. Over the years, the demand for green home construction has multiplied. The eco-friendly trend can honestly play into the increased value of your home as homeowners become more conscious of the many benefits it can have—one being energy efficiency. Today, it is universal for new homes to cut energy outflow by 60 per cent compared to older homes—a convincing prospect for eco-friendly and budget-conscious owners.

Whether you’re planning to construct your dream home or make a few environmentally friendly upgrades, our general contractors have eight inexpensive upgrades for a more sustainable and eco-friendly home.

1. Upgrade to LED

Being one of the most reputed home improvement companies in Toronto, we advise the first thing to do is upgrade your lighting. Although LED bulbs may cost you less, the bulbs use 75 per cent less power; last up to 25 times longer than other luminescent bulbs. Therefore, you will spend little on your electricity bill, and fewer bulbs will be collected in landfills.

2. Explore Solar

Do you want to cut down your carbon footprint? Then it’s time you go for solar options. Solar panels may be more cost-efficient than you think, and you may be eligible for tax credits if you install rooftop solar panels at the top of your home. Depending on your home’s solar efficiency, you may even be able to add clean power to the power grid.

3. Add Native Plants

Adding native plants/trees to your landscaping is a smart move to make since native landscaping is low maintenance, so you’ll use little water for irrigation, and native plants don’t generally need fertilizers/pesticides. In addition, native plants also help local wildlife plus insects thrive.

4. Make Smart Choices

Our home improvement contractors advise you to choose wisely before buying items for your sustainable home. For instance, go for rechargeable batteries, limiting the amount of waste that can’t be recycled. Use washable napkins instead of paper and use biodegradable garbage bags. Similarly, use reusable food containers for leftovers than plastic bags

5. Compost

Start by adding food scraps and yard waste by making a compost pile. Doing this will keep items out of the landfill and create rich soil so that your vegetable garden and flowers grow healthy. To make good compost, you’ll need both green and brown items for your compost, so include vegetable scraps/peels, eggshells, dried leaves, and coffee grounds.

6. Fix Leaky Pipes

This should be one of the most vital things on your to-do list. If you have leaky pipes/faucets in your sustainable home, you’re wasting way too much water, and you need to fix it quickly. Did you know if your faucet dripped once every second of the day, it would take around four hours to reach one gallon? Be mindful and alert and consider fixing any leaky pipes in your home.

7. Reuse & Recycle

At Sunnylea Homes, we are incredibly conscious and take this topic very seriously and educate our clients to reuse and recycle whenever they can. Cut down the amount of waste your home sends to the landfill; for instance, start recycling bins for items like plastic, cardboard, and cans.

If you want to go green and make smart upgrades to your house, our home improvement company will help you. Give us a call today at (416)-789-5229 to get a free quote!.

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