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1. Initial Consultation

We understand how important it is for homeowners to get a one-on-one assessment with a trusted custom home builder and renovator before going ahead with any project. With over four decades of experience in making dream homes a reality, the experts at Sunnylea Homes meet you for an initial consultation to know more about your project. This is your time to discuss your renovations, home addition or custom rebuild objectives, along with your key goals, challenges, and priorities. Our extensive experience in this field allows us to intuitively advise what’s feasible and what isn’t within your vision and budget. Through this meeting, our goal is to provide guidance and help you gain perspective on the scope of your project. It is also an opportunity to allow you and us to decide if we are a good fit and if we would like to work together. Should you not feel comfortable or not find us to be suitable partners in your journey, there is no obligation to move forward to the next step.

2. Inspiration Board/Vision

Brainstorming about the features of your new spaces is not only an exciting and fun process, but it allows our architects and designers to understand your preferred styles and design sensibilities, and get a deeper understanding of your creative vision. During this meeting, we encourage you to share with us any pictures, idea books, or inspiration for the aspects you wish to incorporate in your dream home. Our experts will build on your thoughts as well as share their own ideas in order to best meet your requirements and budget. We take the time to understand your lifestyle and preferences and keep in mind the future needs of your family for designing flexible, functional, and attractive spaces that enhance your quality of life.

3. Concept Design and Planning

Our next goal is to convert your vision into realistic proposals that meet your requirements, reflect your unique personality, and enhance your lifestyle. We measure out all the spaces accurately, prepare the existing floor plans and create the conceptual drawings that depict the new plans. Besides exact measurements, we use advanced tools and software to help you visualize our proposals in the best possible manner.

4. Presentation Meeting

Once we take stock of the existing conditions, your creative vision, and the available budget, we present our conceptual drawings and plans, and seek your feedback on the functional and aesthetic elements of our proposal. We listen to you carefully and take detailed notes on modifications, which in turn helps us draw up the exact project commitments and timelines. Our proposals account for the local building codes, timelines for permits and approvals, and other potential adjustments related to the structural or mechanical aspects and construction methods. We like to be accurate and meticulous and are very serious about delivering what we promise.

5. Documentation

Based on your inputs during the presentation meeting, we hash out all the details and prepare a final construction agreement or contract that spells out every aspect of the project. From the scope of work, detailed blueprints, and phase-wise construction plans, to the payment schedule, materials details, and other logistics, the contract provides all the details that go into your custom renovations, new build or home addition project. As soon as both parties sign on the dotted line, the project plan is set in motion.

6. Construction Begins

During the construction phase, our goal is to ensure that we meet every milestone in terms of cost and timelines. Our innovative architects, experienced engineers, and skilled tradespeople are committed to the agreement and carry out every step of the project in a planned and professional manner. This includes obtaining local permissions, passing inspections, appointing and scheduling the right tradespeople, managing acquisition or movement of materials and construction equipment, and other such aspects. At Sunnylea Homes, we have the experience and expertise to foresee potential obstacles, minimize the hiccups, and navigate each phase of the construction smoothly and efficiently. Our site supervisors ensure the highest level of safety and hygiene, while our project management specialists provide timely progress updates on every aspect of the project. We maintain complete transparency in terms of any added costs or delays in schedule that may be unavoidable.

7. Project Completion

At the end of the planned construction, we give you a detailed walkthrough where you can inspect every aspect of the project. Our teams take detailed notes and compile a service list.

8. Warranty

At Sunnylea Homes, we are proud of our ability to deliver creative designs, quality workmanship, and consistent service across the project lifecycle. While our integrated network of professionals will execute every plan to ensure success every step of the way, we stand by our work with a two-year warranty. With Sunnylea Homes your investment is in good hands and your peace of mind is guaranteed.

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