Trust the Best Bathroom Renovation Contractors in the Greater Toronto Area

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Trust the Best Bathroom Renovation Contractors in the Greater Toronto Area

Enjoy Stunning Makeovers and Luxurious Bath Spaces

We believe bathroom renovations are not just about fixing leaks, upgrading fixtures, or increasing the value and appeal of your home. A thoughtfully designed and well-executed bathroom remodel can lead to tranquil, spa-like spaces that serve as fabulous and mood uplifting. Imagine your own personal haven that energizes you at the start of the day and relaxes you at the end of it. That is what a bathroom renovation should be all about!
The bathroom renovation specialists at Sunnylea Homes can help you achieve stunning, luxurious bath spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. From a minor refresh to a magnificent makeover, we can help you transform tired, old, or impractical bathrooms into fantastic spaces that suit your taste, preferences and budget.

Toronto’s Trusted Full-Service Bathroom Renovation Company

We work with an integrated and trusted team of innovative designers, master craftsmen, and skilled tradespeople to provide comprehensive bathroom remodeling services. Whether you need to repair a leaky bathroom, swap out a tub or shower stall, or update the lights, fixtures or vanity, our team of experienced professionals tackles a wide range of renovation goals.
Despite being one of the smallest rooms in your home, a bathroom makeover can significantly heighten the quality of living for your entire family. Our bathroom renovation experts pay close attention to every tiny detail to make your bath spaces truly unique and functional.

  • Personalized solutions: During the initial consultation, we conduct a thorough inspection of the existing space, and take the time to understand your family’s routine and lifestyle. Depending on the type of bathroom (master bathroom, kids’ bathroom, or guest bathroom), and its size and layout, we offer creative solutions that suit the users of that space. We can also customize bathrooms for specific mobility issues or aging-in-place requirements.
  • Integrated services: Our family of experienced professionals and licensed, fully insured, WSIB-certified tradespeople can address all aspects of a bathroom remodeling project. This includes plumbing, electrical services, mold remediation, masonry, and venting and ducting. Our crew is systematic and careful, and treats your home with the same love, care and respect as we would treat our own. We manage the demolition and removal of existing materials before installing or replacing your bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, hardware, wall tiles, flooring, and more.
  • On-trend materials and amenities: Our passionate designers stay abreast of the latest trends in bathroom renovations, including new materials and intelligent fixtures or amenities, such as:
    • High-tech toilets with self-cleaning mechanisms, seat warmers, and motion sensors to allow raising or lowering of the lids without touch.
    • Smart, mood-based LED lighting and sleek programmable tubs or shower stalls that allow you to control the water flow, water temperature, and steam.
    • Digital faucets that promote water conservation and touchless use.
    • Modern bathroom gadgets, such as waterproof TVs, integrated music streaming, and refrigerated bathroom cabinets for storing medicines or cool drinks.

Partner with Sunnylea Homes, one of the best bathroom renovators in Toronto for fantastic bathroom makeovers. Enjoy clever storage solutions, upgraded fixtures and fittings, and convenient amenities. Our clients vouch for our unique designs and quality workmanship.
Call us at 416-789-5229 or contact us online to tell us more about your requirements. Our team would be happy to discuss a variety of bathroom renovation ideas that creatively address your renovation goals.


Surround yourself with luxury and elegance in the bathroom of your dreams. Let us take your vision and turn it into reality.

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