Tips To Pick Paint Colours For Interior Rooms

Tips To Pick Paint Colours For Interior Rooms

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You may be at that juncture in your home improvement where it’s time you finalise the colour for your interior rooms. Remember, the colour of your walls directly impacts its visual reference, like a ceiling being higher or lower, the room being brighter or dull, relaxed or active and so on. Similarly, specific colours ensure you experience visual relaxation in different rooms.

Larger rooms require well-defined colours to move the focal point to feature certain art pieces. Choosing the correct colour for interior rooms can be pretty complicated. We at Sunnylea Homes provide home improvements in Toronto along with our designers to help you understand the effect of different hues on the room’s appeal. This blog serves as a reference when you begin the process of picking the perfect colour for your home interior.

Colour selection

Select a colour pallet that inspires you. It is essential you go with a colour of your choice, as this adds a personal element to your space.

  • Fresh

Use colours like red, orange and yellow for a space where you want to feel fresh and active. These colours are great for a home gym and office, laundry area.

  • Cool

Blues, greens and purples are all cool colours that help you cool off after a tough day at work. These colours are best used in rooms you relax in, such as bedrooms or sitting rooms.

  • Neutral

Neutral colours such as grey, shades of white, black, brown and blue work well as accents that ensure the space provides a neutral stance to create adequate balance with accessories. These colours are best suited for walls decorated with posters or lamps.

  • Pale

Pale colours of yellow and shades of blue that lack visual appeal ensures your focus goes to an art piece that is the main centre or focal attraction of that room.

  • Dark

We believe dark colours make a room feel more personal and relaxing. A dark colour makes a room feel smaller and is best suited to create a quiet, private environment. These dark colours are best used in narrow hallways or the home library.

Paints are further classified according to their finish, like matte and gloss. This parameter allows a paint finish to look mirror-like or opaque.

Matte or Gloss:

High sheen colours are usually a finish effect provided by manufacturers. These paints can reflect light, and their sheen comes in a wide range that starts as matte and ends at a super glossy finish.

Choosing the correct paint colour and scheme to complement your home is essential. Colour can make you happy or sad. It can elevate your happiness and sustain emotional lows.


The correct use of multiple shades of one colour can help to add variety to a room and ensure the room does not look consistent and boring. Monochromes play a major role to help us differentiate colour gradients. It also allows us to perceive depth. The correct monochromatic colour will ensure to heighten your feelings.

Furniture & Accessories:

Furniture and other accessories draw attention away from the walls. Painting furniture darker than the room’s primary colour ensures they are the room’s main attraction. This also increases the depth of field of an individual’s vision. Furniture and accessories add a personal touch to the layout of a home.

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