Improving the Style and Efficiency of Your Home

Improving the Style and Efficiency of Your Home

Improving the Style and Efficiency of Your Home 1024 682 Marino Scopelleti

Have you thought about investing in energy efficiency before/ while planning to design a new home or remodel an existing one? Well, doing so will save energy and money, and your home will be much more durable and comfortable than it was. Most home renovation companies say that the planning process is an excellent time to delve into a renewable energy system that can improve the style and efficiency of your home. General contractors also suggest exploring options for financing an energy-efficient home, so in simple terms, energy-efficiency means doing more with less, but why is that so important? Following are some reasons:

  • Energy efficiency manages and limits levels of energy consumption.
  • It saves wildlife environment and helps secure the planet.
  • It assists in cutting down our dependence on planet-polluting relic fuels.
  • It assists homeowners in paying as little as possible for their energy bills.

Before we begin with recommendations, it is crucial to understand that with the additions of energy efficiency home improvements, it is vital to change small habits like switching off the buttons and electrical appliances when not in use. Small steps like this can make a huge impact. So, without much overdue, let us begin with Sunnylea Homes’ recommendations of home improvements that make your home an energy-saving retreat.

1. Advanced House Framing

Suppose you are building a brand-new house, adding to an existing one, or simply renovating. In that case, you could contemplate using advanced house framing, which is also known as optimum value engineering. House framing decreases lumber use, waste and enhances energy efficiency in a wood-framed house.

2. Solar Home Design

Even in cloudy countries, you will be stunned by how much you could save by installing solar panels. The solar home design considers climatic and site conditions to provide heating in the winter and cooling during summer. Moreover, equipping your home with solar energy is an excellent option to reduce the cost of your monthly bills; it is ideal for the environment. There are two types of solar panels:

  • Solar PV panels: This type of solar panel converts energy from the sun into energy for your home. They do not demand direct sunlight to work, so they will still charge on gloomy and cloudy days.
  • Solar water heating: In heating your home, this type of solar panel heats the hot water tank.

3. Fix double-glazing

If you do not have double-glazing installed, you will be astounded by the difference it can make to your yearly energy bills. Admittedly, your initial investment will be pretty high; on the other hand, double-glazed windows confine more heat inside your home, saving you money in the long term. You could look over the option available with your home improvement company for a variety of styles available in double-glazing is, so it does not overthrow the appearance of your home.

4. Insulate your cavity walls

Cavity walls are basically two walls constructed as a single wall, and a little space is elevated between those two walls for insulation purposes. Uninsulated walls are a significant cause of heat loss in a house, so cavity walls are best for damp prevention than solid building walls. In addition, they work best as heat insulators; they can decrease heat transmission from the outside environment. The fabrication cost of the cavity wall is comparatively less than the construction of solid walls; for this reason, they are also economical.

5. Install energy-saving lighting

Lastly, one of the most responsive and uncomplicated modifications you can make that will instigate a considerable difference in your energy bills is replacing all your home’s existing light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs. It is globally agreed that energy-saving light bulbs are good for the environment. LEDs are not only mercury-free, so they do not hold any dangerous waste, but they are re also more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights and about a thousand percent more effective than incandescent lights.

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