How to Soundproof Your House Before Renovation

How to Soundproof Your House Before Renovation

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A home is usually a place for most homeowners to rejuvenate, relax, escape from the chaos of city life, and experience moments of heavenly peace with their loved ones. But more often, the fortresses of privacy are usually invaded by the resonances of traffic, pedestrians, construction, utensils being washed in the kitchen, TV blaring out music in the hobby room, or children playing in residence, seeking to bother and disturb you and nudge the minds out of tranquility. This could indicate modern life, but that does not mean we have to live with it for eternity.

Do you focus on how sound travels through your living areas and how loud or calm your house will ultimately be? At Sunnylea Homes, we believe sounds from all over can start causing trouble and lead to high irritation levels over a while. As an experienced, award-winning home renovation contractor in the GTA, we are well-versed with every aspect that goes into successful home improvements. This blog will discover how to soundproof your home before renovation and reinstate the Zen of a quiet house.

1. Repair any cracks or holes in your walls.

Examine your walls and look closely at your window frames, ventilation grates, and electrical sockets. If you see any holes/cracks, repair them with caulk. If the damage is significant, reach out to an expert to handle drywall or plaster cracks and holes. Being one of the trusted home renovation companies in Toronto, you can enjoy endless possibilities with us.

2. Sealing doors.

Mounting weathering strips to your door frames helps stop heat loss and can also be highly beneficial to block the sound from traveling throughout your home.

3. Reinstate your inside doors.

Hollow doors trap sound easily; therefore, it is good to replace them with solid doors. You can fit it yourself, but you should contact home improvement professionals in Toronto if you are looking for great results.

4. Replace or repair your windows.

In a hurry to replace and fix big things, we often forget about small things which make a big difference. Did you know upgrading your windows to double or triple-paned with PVC frames can spectacularly diminish noise around your home? Replace and repair windows if they are outdated- This is a costly choice but depends on how many windows you want to replace. If you desire natural materials, having your wooden windows/frames repaired can reduce the commotion entering from outside.

5. Fixing noisy floors.

Hardwood floors look enormous and can add immense depth to a room, but if one or more floorboards are loose, it can cause an endless noisy nightmare. Although it’s good to have a new installation if you want your flooring back in silhouette, trusting a licensed home improvement company, in this case, is vital.

6. Insulating ceiling and walls.

At Sunnylea Homes, we believe installing insulation products, such as ceiling panels, mass-loaded-vinyl, neoprene rubber, viscoelastic foam, and fiberglass behind walls and ceiling panes can significantly cut the amount of noise coming in or out of your home.

You can effectively soundproof your home in numerous ways, ranging from insulating with noise-absorbing materials to putting a rug down and reshuffling your fixtures.

While you can attain success with the above techniques, we advise you to use a few ideas and apply them simultaneously for the best results.

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