Trendy Bathroom Upgrades: Must-Have Features for 2024

Trendy Bathroom Upgrades: Must-Have Features for 2024

Trendy Bathroom Upgrades: Must-Have Features for 2024 683 1024 Marino Scopelleti

Bathroom design trends are focused on a mix of luxury, technology, and sustainability. Whether you’re planning a complete renovation or looking to make some stylish updates, here are the must-have features for a trendy bathroom this year.

Spa-Like Features

Soaking Tubs and Steam Showers Creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom is a trend that continues to gain momentum. Soaking tubs, especially freestanding models, provide a luxurious focal point and a place to relax. Steam showers are also becoming popular, offering health benefits like improved circulation and stress relief.

Heated Floors and Towel Racks Comfort is key in a modern bathroom. Heated floors and towel racks ensure that you start and end your day with warmth and luxury, particularly beneficial during Toronto’s cold winters.

Smart Technology

Smart Mirrors Smart mirrors with built-in LED lighting, touch controls, and anti-fog capabilities are a high-tech addition to any bathroom. Some models even include integrated Bluetooth speakers and virtual assistants.

Digital Showers Digital showers allow you to control water temperature, and flow, and even set personalized presets with the touch of a button. This not only enhances the shower experience but also contributes to water and energy savings.

Voice-Activated Controls Incorporating voice-activated controls for lighting, music, and even the shower can make your bathroom feel futuristic and highly functional.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options

Low-Flow Fixtures Sustainability continues to be a significant trend in home design. Low-flow toilets, faucets, and showerheads reduce water usage without sacrificing performance, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Recycled and Natural Materials Using recycled materials for tiles, countertops, and even cabinetry is a growing trend. Natural materials like stone and wood not only look great but also add a touch of nature to your bathroom, promoting a calming and organic atmosphere.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Vibrant Tiles and Wallpapers Gone are the days of plain white bathrooms. In 2024, bold colors and patterns are making a comeback. Think vibrant tiles, patterned wallpapers, and even colorful fixtures to add personality and flair to your bathroom.

Accent Walls Creating an accent wall with tiles or bold paint colour can add depth and interest to the space. This can be particularly effective in shower areas or behind the vanity.

Minimalist and Functional Design

Floating Vanities Floating vanities continue to be a popular choice for modern bathrooms. They create a sleek, clean look and can make the bathroom feel more spacious.

Integrated Storage To keep the bathroom looking tidy and uncluttered, integrated storage solutions are a must. Built-in shelves, recessed medicine cabinets, and hidden compartments can help you maximize space and maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

Luxurious Touches

Statement Lighting: Lighting is an essential part of bathroom design. Statement light fixtures, such as chandeliers or modern sconces, can add a touch of elegance and luxury.

High-End Finishes: Opting for high-end finishes like brass or matte black for faucets, handles, and showerheads can elevate the overall look of your bathroom. These finishes are not only stylish but also durable.


Updating your bathroom with these trendy features can transform it into a luxurious, functional, and stylish space. Whether you’re adding spa-like elements, incorporating smart technology, or embracing bold colours, these upgrades can make your bathroom a highlight of your home.

At Sunnylea Homes, we specialize in creating beautiful, modern bathrooms that reflect your personal style and meet your needs. Contact us today to start planning your bathroom upgrade for 2025!

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