Bathroom Elegance: Top Trends in Toronto for 2024

Bathroom Elegance: Top Trends in Toronto for 2024

Bathroom Elegance: Top Trends in Toronto for 2024 683 1024 Marino Scopelleti

Bathroom design in Toronto is seeing a blend of elegance, functionality, and cutting-edge technology. Homeowners are increasingly seeking bathroom spaces that offer a serene retreat while incorporating the latest trends. Whether you’re planning a full renovation or just a refresh, here are the top bathroom trends in Toronto for 2024 that can help transform your bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated sanctuary.

1. Spa-Like Features

Creating a Personal Oasis

One of the most significant trends for 2024 is the emphasis on spa-like features that transform bathrooms into personal wellness retreats. This includes installing luxurious soaking tubs, rainfall showers, and steam showers. Heated floors and towel racks are also becoming increasingly popular, providing extra comfort during Toronto’s cold winters.

Natural Materials and Finishes

To enhance the spa-like atmosphere, many homeowners are opting for natural materials such as stone, wood, and bamboo. These elements bring a touch of nature into the bathroom, promoting relaxation and tranquillity. Stone sinks, wooden vanities, and pebble shower floors are examples of how natural materials can be incorporated.

2. Smart Bathrooms

Integration of Technology

Smart technology is making its way into every part of the home, including the bathroom. From smart mirrors with built-in lighting and Bluetooth speakers to toilets with integrated bidet functions and self-cleaning capabilities, technology is enhancing both functionality and luxury in the bathroom.

Water Conservation

In line with increasing environmental awareness, many of the latest smart bathroom fixtures are designed to conserve water. Touchless faucets, low-flow toilets, and smart showers that reduce water consumption without compromising on experience are great examples of this trend.

3. Bold Colors and Patterns

Vibrant and Personal

While minimalist and neutral palettes have dominated bathroom design for years, 2024 is bringing a splash of colour and personality back into the space. Bold tiles with geometric patterns, rich jewel tones, and even statement wallpapers are becoming popular choices to add a unique flair to bathrooms.

Accent Walls and Custom Tiles

Accent walls with custom tiles can serve as focal points in the bathroom, providing visual interest and breaking the monotony. Whether it’s a brightly coloured backsplash behind the sink or a patterned tile wall in the shower, these design elements can make a significant impact.

4. Freestanding Bathtubs

Elegance and Luxury

Freestanding bathtubs continue to be a favourite among homeowners for their timeless elegance and luxurious appeal. Available in a variety of styles from classic clawfoot tubs to sleek, modern designs, they can fit into any bathroom aesthetic. Their sculptural quality also makes them a centrepiece in the bathroom, adding a touch of sophistication.

Space Utilization

Despite their size, freestanding tubs can actually help create the illusion of more space in a bathroom. By exposing more floor area, they can make the room feel larger and more open.

5. Minimalist Vanities and Storage

Clean Lines and Functionality

Minimalist vanities with clean lines and simple hardware are gaining popularity. These designs not only look sleek and modern but also help to create a clutter-free environment. Floating vanities, in particular, can make a bathroom appear more spacious and airy.

Innovative Storage Solutions

Smart storage solutions are crucial in maintaining a clean and organized bathroom. Built-in shelves, recessed niches, and mirrored cabinets with hidden compartments are just a few ways to keep essentials neatly stored while maximizing space.


Incorporating these top trends into your bathroom remodel can elevate both the functionality and aesthetic of the space. Whether you’re drawn to the luxurious feel of a spa-like bathroom, the convenience of smart technology, or the bold statement of vibrant colours and patterns, 2024 has plenty to offer for every style and preference.

At Sunnylea Homes, we specialize in bringing the latest design trends to life in your home. Contact us today to start planning your dream bathroom renovation in Toronto, and let us help you create a space that combines elegance, comfort, and modern innovation.

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